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    We help build Prototypes, MVP, early stage Products & Components. Strong expertise in building ML/AI apps, complex data platforms & mobile apps.
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It all starts with the problem you are solving & the hypothesis for product market fit

We work with you to get the right user stories for your MVP. Based on the design sprint exercise, we build wireframes, High-Fidelity click thru prototypes

Whether its a complex data analytics platform , an API or a mobile app. Our team brainstorms with your product management to flesh your concept to Job Stories/User stories along with wireframes. Our goal is to allow you to test your hypothesis

Our team works with you to choose the right technologies to get the job done

We have top notch expertise in ML/AI, Cassandra, Apache Spark, iOS, Android, Ember.js and Angular.js to help create uber fast products in short timeframes

Algorithms API Dashboards ML Mobile App

Delivering small iterative product increments, we help turn your vision to reality

Designers, developers and product managers work together to execute in rapid iterative fashion . Things get done in fast incremental fast sprints helping you test your hypothesis quickly.

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Frustration free products that deliver

Areas of Expertise

Our expertise is building machine learning applications, engaging mobile applications and complex big data applications with insight driven data visualizations

Machine Learning and Data platforms for business outcomes

Machine Learning

Deep expertize in Machine Learning, NLP, NLU and do extensive text processing.

We have built extensive Machine Learning models on texts, speech audios and images using Convolutional/Recurrent Neural Networks implemented using Tensorflow, Keras, pandas.

Data harvesting

Extracting and harvesting structured and unstructured data from data sources

From company owned to associative data, we have skillsets to extract, harvest and curate data from disparate sources.

No SQL Databases

Deep expertise in Cassandra & Hadoop

We have built applications at scale. We have capabilities around apache storm kafka, Amazon kinesis to get associative data. Our engineering team could work with your data scientists to scale their models real-time around cassandra, apache spark and/or HDFS.

Custom Data visualizations

D3.JS, Kendo Widgets

Our team works hard to bring data to life. Whether it is to build beautiful mobile dashboards, declararative scoring methodologies we can help your users make meaningful decisions.

Mobile applications

Responsive applications

Responsive applications using HTML5

We have deep skills in designing, developing engaging applications that are mobile friendly.

Native applications

We could help you design, develop and launch native mobile applications.

Apart from building native applications fast - we help instrument your application with industrial strength mobile analytics and marketing automation platform to cut your time to deploy and adopt new ways of engaging your customers.

Real time IOT Applications

Skills in Apache Kafka, Apache Spark

For applications that require real-time stream/event processing with a distributed hi-throughput architecture we have extensive skills in Kafka, Storm , Scribe and Flume. We have extensive experience in building applications using Apache Spark instead of Map-Reduce. Our IOT expertise includes expertise in iBeacons and geofencing.


Happy Clients


Our Team

WE LOVE BUILDING INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS THAT SOLVE COMPLEX PROBLEMS. Founders of ZeMoSo have extensive startup experience including successful exits to global majors

Satish Madhira

Pointy haired one

Satish has over 18 years of experience most of it in building successful startups. During his brief stint in Private Equity, he figured that he needed to get back to doing what he did best-washing bottle at exciting startups. His last startup YASU Technologies was a leader in Business Rules Engine and was acquired by SAP in 2007. Satish has bachelors in engineering from IIT Madras.

Sudhir Rao

Wally the Hacker

Like Wally of Dilbert fame Sudhir is an efficient, lazy programmer & technical architect with over 18 years of experience. Prior to ZeMoSo, he co-founded YASU Technologies which was subsequently acquired by SAP. Sudhir loves trekking- climbing everest is far away and so far he has made it till the base camp. Sudhir has bachelors in technology from IIT BHU

Ananda Roy


Ananda refused to have a twitter account as he felt 'ananding' was better than tweeting. At ZeMoSo Ananda is busy building maps of intersection of talent acquisition and management. Ananda has over 22 years of experience in human resource management most of them in senior positions in successful startups. He has recruited and built teams in several successful bootstrapped and funded startups. And, although he is not trained, he never gives up an opportunity to sing.

Praveen Yadav

Dilbert the Jedi
Praveen Yadav
Praveen loves building new products and is a ML/AI applications guru. He has worked with several startups building their products from concept to launch. He has over 10 years of experience in product companies. Praveen has completed his bachelors technology degree from IIT Kanpur.
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